Periphrasis was a project enacted in March – May of 2019. Based in collaboration of me Hannah Whyte and Adam Leach. We made work situated in Nunhead Cemetary: improvised musical peformances, drawings, rubbings of the words and symbols on the graves, writing, and reading aloud. We also volunteered at the cemetary’s conservation days.

This culminated in the creation of a walking tour of the cemetary, a route dictated by a poem we assembled. Each line of the poem, sometimes even just a word, was taken from a corresponding grave in the cemetary. We wrote it as we walked, selecting the most apt phrases in our periphery of surrounding graves. We made this into a small publication, where the poem was distilled in a number of ways, it was a map, a list of names, a selection of photographs of graves, and the words themselves, standing as a list.

These printed booklets were donated to the cemetary’s volunteer group, The Friends of Nunhead Cemetary, for them to sell at their annual open day, with profits going to aid it’s conservation.